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December 2013 deviantART News Volume 27
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SketchBook Apps
  NEW FEATURE   DeviantART is proud to announce that SketchBook users on iPad and Android tablets now have the ability to create and submit art directly from their devices to deviantART! Our recent partnership with Autodesk has allowed deviantART to become the first community integrated into SketchBook -- the professional-grade painting app that is easy to use for every artist. Read Now »
You're Not Alone
It has always been easy to imagine ourselves, and truly believe ourselves, to be all alone in our journey through life. For some of us this perceived loneliness is too much for a human being to bear, especially at the Holidays. But this cannot be.
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Las Vegas deviantMEET
  DEVIANTMEET   With over 300 deviants in attendance, our Las Vegas deviantMEET was a complete success. See photos and read all about this devious meet-up! Read More »
Madefire Motion Books
Motion Books are a new type of digital comic book that users can read, share, and interact with. Stories unfold on-screen through words, pictures, motion, and sound. The Motion Books format incorporates animation and sound design that is at the reader's control, allowing for a completely immersive experience.
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Artists on Writers:
Pablo Neruda
  EDITORIAL    As is the case with all artists, poets too are greatly influenced by the world around them and how they perceive it. The splendor of the heavens above, the dynamics of the earth beneath their feet. The uncertainty of life, the inevitability of death. More importantly, a poet's inspiration comes from what they carry within themselves: memories, relationships, their dreams, joy, and grief. Read More »



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